The Program

The Nordic Youth Summer Institute, better known as NYSI, is a 12-day intensive summer program aimed at Nordic Youth ages 15 to 18.

NYSI aims to introduce 20 participants to an interactive learning experience about the Nordic region, including discussions on issues of international cooperation, simulation of trans-national events, cultural experiences, and other activities.

These include:

- European Parliament Simulation 

- Visits to different Nordic Embassies  

- Debates and dialogues about common problems facing the Nordic Countries

- Workshops from experts in their fields 

- Peer lectures and discussions about the Nordic countries 

- A required self-planned final project related to an issue that the participants wish to solve

Through this experience, we hope to teach youth to look critically towards their own countries. However, we not only aim to educate youth, but also to inspire and offer them the tools to use to make a difference. There is no purpose in simply criticizing one cannot find a solution. NYSI heavily emphasizes the importance of taking action, and as a result, the curriculum requires that students create their own follow-up project.


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