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The Nordic Youth Summer Institute (NYSI) is a BFTF and US Department of State follow up project. NYSI aims to foster Nordic cooperation and problem-solving by focussing on youth.

We believe that in the modern world it is important to look at social innovation from a perspective of constant progress. ‘Good enough’ should never be good enough when considering issues of the environment, equality, education, and others. We aim to inspire Nordic Youth to look beyond general understandings of what it means to live in a progressive country and to look at the cracks in the wall of social infrastructure. Only when we acknowledge issues within our societies can we continue to solve them.


Ernir Guðmundsson

Program Director

Ernir Guðmundsson (Iceland) was voted the Student Union President and also served on the school's debate team. In 2016 he was chosen to be Iceland’s representative in the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship, spending a month in the United States, learning how to best kickstart a program like NYSI. In 2017 Ernir was accepted into law school at the University of Iceland. Through being a teaching assistant at Dale Carnegie, and the president of his high school’s student union, Ernir learned how to understand and empower the people around him. This will come in handy for resolving issues that can arise and to ensure that the participants gain the most out of their experience with the Nordic Youth Summer Institute.

Fredrik Sjöstrand

Ground Director

Fredrik Sjöstrand (Sweden), created his first non-profit organization when he was 14 years old and has been engaged within civil organizations since then, which adds competencies for organization and cooperation in the organizing group and in the program overall. Through the Raoul Wallenberg Leadership Course, he has learned skills that make him adept in solving problems with a group and through his international engagements in the course Global-In Fellowship and Swedish Centre Party, he has a profile of international cooperation and Nordic development that will be of great interest to the delegates of the program. Fredrik lives in Malmö, Sweden but works across the Öresund Bridge in Copenhagen, and is particularly engaged in security and international  politics.

Ásthildur Andrésdóttir Kjerúlf

Co-Program Director

Ásthildur Andrésdóttir Kjerulf (Iceland) is currently studying natural sciences at the Commerical College of Iceland. Through her studies, she has become fiercely passionate about environmentalism and sustainability. Her knowledge of these fields will be beneficial to the fellows during the program when discussing current environmental issues such as climate change and pollution. Further, she has been active in various student committees that have taught her the value of teamwork and given her the organizational skills needed to implement successful projects such as the Nordic Youth Summer Institute. Through participating in programs with international youth she has witnessed that one of the greatest learning outcomes of the programs is often what the fellows learn from each other and their different cultures. This will be an important aspect that she aims to introduce to the fellows of the Nordic Youth Summer Institue.

Arina Machine

Funding Director

Arina Machine (Finland) has participated in numerous debates regarding international policy. This experience has given her the skills to view national and multi-national issues with an eye for detail and a consideration of the intricacies of the issues. This is the skill that will let her discuss on-going problems within nations during the Nordic Youth Summer Institute with a fresh perspective. Further, she has volunteered for the largest entrepreneur conference in the Nordics, SLUSH. This has given her first-hand experience with large events and allowed her to discuss the future of business, sustainability, and health with innovators in the field. She has also spent a large portion of time discussing and analyzing youth issues around the globe, giving her the skills to understand why certain issues result in apathy and others in large-scale action within the youth community.

Mads Wædegaard

Academic Director

Mads Wædegaard (Denmark) is a student of Political Science with broad academic and political experience working at the Danish Chamber of Commerce. He joined NYSI to promote Nordic values and cooperation in a world of turmoil. Mads has been highly engaged in student politics through councils, boards, and the national students’ union, thereby gaining plenty of experience with event-organizing, mobilizing and empowerment. Furthermore, Mads has learned the importance of transnational communities through intensive traveling fostering a constant curiosity towards people and culture. This strong belief in internationalism manifests itself through being a member of the board of Danish Students Abroad and the Danish United Nations Association. Mads has previously tutored at a Danish summer school with +200 students, and he looks very much forward to make the Nordic Youth Summer Institute an absolute thrill for the fellows.

Fawzi Warsame

Communication Director 

Fawzi Warzame (Norway), the Norwegian mentor, is a Law student at the University of Oslo. This has equipped him with ample skills, such as critical analysis and commercial awareness, that will be highly transferable to the Nordic Youth Summer Institute. Additionally, he has been a member of the Labour party for six years and became a candidate for parliament in the fall of 2016. His understanding of the political landscape both in Norway and Internationally will help the fellows of the program gain new political perspectives. As a teaching assistant at the Oslo summer school, Fawzi managed to learn how to create the social and intellectual environment that a teacher seeks to establish. This will provide the Nordic Youth Summer Institute with the pedagogical understanding of the fellows and their needs.


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